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These six ancient natural remedies will…
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These six ancient natural remedies will make you say goodbye to joint pains!


It is one of the most common articular pathologies in the world, a cause of pain, stiffness, and inflammation, of both slight or considerable magnitude. We are talking about arthritis, that is a real torment for millions of people. 

Although it is often associated with aging or particular living conditions, it is a disease that knows no age differences, latitudes or longitudes, and has been present in the human race for over 4000 years before the birth of Christ. 

It is easy to understand, therefore, how humans have always tried to fight it, and at the same time improve their quality of daily life. Long before the advent of chemistry and medicine, the only way to alleviate the pain of arthritis was to resort to natural remedies. 

Many of them have been known for a very long time, and have always given positive results. Discover with us what they are and how they can still be useful to us today if we are afflicted by this painful pathology.

1. Eucalyptus oil

This natural product has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Therefore, it helps to alleviate inflammation and reduce pain at the same time.

Simply mix in 8-10 drops of peppermint oil with two tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and it will give surprising results if rubbed on the painful part.

2. Turmeric

It is a traditional remedy of Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, with proven anti-inflammatory effects. To reduce pain and swelling of the joints, simply add turmeric powder to food (making it pleasantly spicy), or mix it with a cup of warm milk.


3. Alfalfa

The name "Alfalfa" says it all. With this plant, you can cure yourself! It is one of the best natural remedies on the market for joint inflammation throughout the entire human body.

A nice cup of this herbal tea, perhaps mixed with raspberries and mint leaves, will be a panacea for our annoying health problems.

4. Cinnamon

Here too, we are faced with a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Thanks to a compound called cinnamaldehyde, cinnamon can be a precious helper against pain and inflammation. To try it, put a teaspoon of powder in a cup of hot water along with two teaspoons of honey.

5. Devil's claw

Do not be frightened by the name of this plant, because it can be very useful for fighting arthritic pains.

For centuries, its roots have been used by the people of Southern Africa for these purposes, proving to be quite valuable. Just take tablets that contain the extract or prepare an infusion with one teaspoon (5 grams) of dry root.


6. Cabbage leaves

These leaves contain apigenin, a flavonoid with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

To use cabbage leaves to fight arthritis, it is necessary to heat them in the oven (without burning them) and then wrap them for an hour around the painful parts, containing and maintaining the heat with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

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