For women, their happiness tends to increase in the post-divorce period, according to research [CORRECTION] -
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For women, their happiness tends to…
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For women, their happiness tends to increase in the post-divorce period, according to research [CORRECTION]


[CORRECTION] In a previous version of this article we stated: "divorce makes you look 10 years younger". However, the information was incorrect since, in reality, the research refers in general to the degree of happiness that women experience after their divorce, as you can read below.

Divorce is a traumatic and complicated experience to manage, especially when it puts an end to a relationship that has lasted for many years.

However, a divorce can prove to be good for the body and mind, especially for a woman. In fact, scientific research says that women, more than men, see their level of happiness and satisfaction increase after a divorce.

According to the researchers, this may be due to the different ways of dealing with divergences. Women seem to suffer more than men the emotional weight of an unhappy marriage, therefore, for women, a divorce automatically becomes more liberating.

Here are some aspects of her life that a woman can regain possession of when an unhappy marriage ends.

  • Freedom from the weight of the past. Living in the present is the best way to build for the future. A divorced person finally manages to leave behind what has been slowing them down so as to fully live each step forward as an achievement.
  • Reclaiming one's own personal space. A wholesome marriage is a bond that makes the two halves of a couple stronger, but a toxic marriage harms both. The end of such a relationship allows both to focus on their individual lives and happiness.
image: Pexels
  • Rediscovering serenity. Even without any real arguments or endless discussions, an unhappy marriage is still, nevertheless, a source of anxiety and constant tension. Separating is the only way to recover one's inner peace. 
  • Starting again to take care of oneself. When the worrying and stress are over, a person can dedicate all that time and energies to think of their own health and well-being. From returning to more correct and beneficial habits to taking more care of one's physical appearance.  

It is the small or big changes that little by little, help one to regain confidence in life and understand that one has taken once again control, over one's own existence.

Everything that has happened turns into an experience of growth, generating a virtuous cycle, and a stream of positive energy that rejuvenates and stimulates the desire to usher in a new beginning.

image: Max Pixel

However, still today, divorce is seen as a failure, as well as a sort of violation of those moral and social values considered to be sacred and eternal.

The end of a long couple relationship always has a bitter aftertaste, but in any case, one must stop identifying one's self as part of a couple.

Nevertheless, there is no need to deny all the good that there was in the love relationship which, in fact, is what ultimately led, both partners to be willing to make such a serious commitment, in the first place.

image: The Break-up

Furthermore, one also has to accept the changes that happen in life and that, sometimes, the end is part of the journey.

Having such a constructive attitude allows one to avoid trying to completely delete an important part of one's life history, but instead to store the memories with serenity and to move forward.

After all, one's goal of finding happiness is always there, but one has simply changed the path to getting there.


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