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20 photos that testify that our mothers…
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20 photos that testify that our mothers were much more "cool" than us!


In our imagination, we are used to thinking of our mother as someone whose existence depends in some way on ours; because, we always see her busy, dividing her time between caring for children, housework, and work.

Above all, it seems difficult for us that she may have had a childhood and youth completely separated from us.

Yet this is the reality! In fact, today's mothers are those same young women who once faced adult life with enthusiasm, joy and so many dreams to build - just like us.

Sometimes, it's only by seeing some of their old photos that we realize just how true this is.

1. Mother Patricia in the late 1970s or early 1980s

2. Mamma Maureen in 1974, when she was 20 years old

image: Maddie Wilson

3. Mamma Brigid (left), 18 years old, with her three sisters

4. High school graduation photo of mother Lorraine in 1972

image: Lisa Vidal

5. Mamma Fung in 1983

image: Michelle Low

6. Mamma Patricia, as a pilot instructor at the Fort Rucker Army Base in Alabama in the 1980s.

image: Odessa Fields

7. Mamma Constansa (left) in 1969 in Mexico when she was about to graduate from nursing school.

image: Fatima

8. Mamma Ricia intent on escorting Queen Elizabeth in the late 1990s

9. Mamma Dian at the age of 22 at the Fiddle Festival in 1973

image: Thomas Lilies

10. Mama Lee when she was in business school at the University of Virginia

image: Cat

11. Mom in 1976 at the Ontario Raceway in California

image: Cindy Black

12. Mamma Charlotta, 20 years old, in 1992

image: Olivia

13. My mom Shamiran in Iraq in 1972

image: GoProDad

13. Mama Anita, the day she received her doctorate degree

image: Anukriti

15. Mama Lisa in 1980, after winning a beauty contest at age 18

image: Andrew Moise

16. Mama Sheila in 1976, before going to the high school prom

17. Tiffany mom with her Volvo in 1989

image: Alexandra

18. Mama Karma in the late 1960s, at Casas Grandes in Mexico

image: Alen Forney

19. Mama Lana, 24 years old, with her dog Abby

20. Mamma Dianna in 1969 in high school.

image: Nathan Hawrot
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