Maintaining an air of superiority is a typical characteristic of insecure people -
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Maintaining an air of superiority is…
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Maintaining an air of superiority is a typical characteristic of insecure people


People who flaunt a lot of self-confidence and who try to impose their leadership in every context, often hide huge inferiority complexes. Almost always these individuals, in order to reinforce their power, need two components - worshipers and victims

The first, as worshipers, have the role of feeding an ego that otherwise, without external confirmation and reassurance, would end up showing its true nature. The latter, unfortunately, as victims are necessary for manifesting strength, that is to say, that they are forced to submit to actions and humiliations that increase fear in others.

Perhaps, people who are egoistic, arrogant, and haughty will have luck in life, but it is still a situation that is much more precarious than is believed. 

As a matter of fact, it is a little like building a house on sand, sooner or later the weight will end up causing everything to collapse.

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An emblematic case of fragility hidden behind a strength that is only an illusion is bullying. Those who use violence, physical, verbal or psychological do so because they need to feed on the fear of others to overcome their own.

In most cases, bullies hide serious problems disguised as a false appearance of courage. The proof lies in the fact that their harassment is carried out only against those who are weaker, not against those who have the possibility and the will to defend themselves. 

Often those who assume oppressive attitudes towards others have suffered in turn during childhood or adolescence, at school or perhaps in their own family. In stressful situations, the two most basic reactions are escape or attack, so those who have a past of suffering tend to strike first for fear of being hit. 

Furthermore, lying to oneself is a psychological mechanism that is utilized to modify an unpleasant situation or one that is too difficult to accept. Self-deception, which is what this mental process is called, is, therefore, the negation of reality which is a defense system that in the long run can prove counterproductive. 

In fact, solid armor can protect us from almost any attack, but if we wear it in the water, it can drag us down and drown us. The same applies to the lies and mental constructions that we create while ignoring the real problem. Instead, the solution lies in tackling one's own demons and resolving inner conflicts. Only in this way can one develop healthy self-esteem that makes one feel truly serene and self-confident.

image: Pixabay

Real strength lies in equilibrium, in relating in the appropriate manner to the person in front of you, and never taking advantage of the disadvantages, even if only momentarily, of another person.

This way of acting, of thinking, and of being, is perhaps "too much" in a time when being loyal and honest is a disadvantage in a world of cunning individuals.

In any case, psychologically "settled", serene, and self-confident people do not have to prove anything and most of all, they do not require tests of strength, competitions, or have the need to belittle others to feel superior.


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