The beautiful and fake life that many people feel the need to flaunt online

Shirley Marie Bradby

January 12, 2019

The beautiful and fake life that many people feel the need to flaunt online

Since social media networks have made their appearance, a category of people has emerged that feel very strongly the need to show off and pretend to be what they are not --- and who eventually end up losing sight of who and what they really are.

Unfortunately, these people wind up following their vanity and departing on an endless one-way trip, trapped on their computer or smartphone screen.

So many lies and deceptions, just to appear to others to be what they are not, to the point that they ending up losing touch with reality. These people use social networks to give themselves a false image, just for the sake of "making a good impression" on others.

via Psychology Today



These individuals pretend to be happy when they are not, to possess who knows what when in reality they have no reason to feel superior to or better than the others. In fact, just by entering into a competition with someone online, in reality, it means that these people have already been defeated from the start.

Nevertheless, everywhere on social networks, we see retouched photos, families always smiling, beautiful parties, with everyone looking for the approval of others and chasing only the likes --- and losing sight of reality.

Ultimately, all of this becomes a sort of addiction and these individuals tend to start to exaggerating more and more.

In addition, unfortunately, and increasingly people's level of happiness is measured by the number of likes or hearts that are clicked on their Facebook profile. These behaviors, in addition to deceiving many users also create frustration in many others.

But life is not perfect and everyone should know this. Yet on social media networks, people pretend to have perfect lives, trying to create envy in their contacts.

It is certainly not by, pretending, that you become better, happier, accepted and loved. It is the soul that should be radiant and happy and not that retouched photo on the social media networks.

Therefore, let us not allow vanity to prevent us from learning and walking on the paths of truth. Only the truth must be shown, even if it does not bring us many likes. The true image of ourselves is the only thing we should put on display.