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Having a coffee with a friend is the…
Physical attraction, without mental attraction, is not enough. People who do not have their own lives tend to talk about the lives of others

Having a coffee with a friend is the best therapy against the stress of everyday life


Today's world is moving at such a high speed that we often arrive at the end of the day, dead tired, but without even really remembering everything that we have done.

Consequently, in order to be able to sustain this frenetic pace and carry out all our tasks and duties, we are forced to find, in one way or the other, the energy that is necessary to keep up with this new way of life.

However, no matter how hard we try, we are not always able to do this and we run the risk of feeling totally exhausted, that is to say, "burn out".

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Feeling "burnt out" is a state of complete exhaustion - physical and mental - that although not defined as a real disease, is however recognized as the precursor of various more serious pathologies.

One of the characteristic aspects of this condition is the feeling of emotional frailty/exhaustion, which consists of a particular psychological state derived from continuous tasks and duties and the impossibility of finding time to relax or to do something that is not mentally and physically demanding. 

In fact, it seems that there is no more space for free time, absorbed as people are by work and family obligations. This also the burden of feeling that one is obliged to correspond to a certain model propagated by modern society, such as the duty to fulfill specific "implied" social duties, such as --- be online, be an active member of social media networks, participate in social events, etc.

Consequently, we lack the time, the real material time for ourselves and the people who make us feel good. However, according to experts, it is necessary to recover it, in fact, it is of vital importance to find time for ourselves.

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As early as 1987, research by the University of Maryland had shown that happiness is the best antidote for stress, depression, and all the consequent disturbances.

In fact, by studying the effects of comedians and comedy films and TV programs on a sample of people, the physical and psychological benefits derived from them were clearly evidenced and were subsequently confirmed by numerous other research studies in the same field. 

It is, therefore, essential to take time to clear the mind of all commitments, and relax, perhaps to have a coffee or a beer with a friend, away from the crowd and engage in light, informal conversation.

What was once mistaken for idleness or authentic conviviality, today has, perhaps, become a luxury but it is a luxury that must be allowed if we want to continue to feel good about ourselves and others.

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