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The 5 behaviors of parents that their…
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The 5 behaviors of parents that their children will remember their whole life!


Being a parent is a difficult task. All parents would like to have wonderful offspring who are polite and kind as children and responsible and useful people as adults.

However, parents often focus more on planning their children's tomorrow, rather than establishing the right foundation in the present. 

It often happens that parents think that when their children are small, that all a child has to do is obey and that raising a child is limited to that. This attitude inevitably generates the ever-increasing number of transgressive children and unhappy adults.

Moreover, childhood, is notably, the most important moment of our life because, in this period, we build the foundations of what we will become as adults and, it is in this period of time, that some parents' behaviors leave an indelible mark, which can be sometimes positive or sometimes negative. 

There are some behaviors that children will not easily forget! Let's analyze some of them.

1. Children never forget the spankings. It is normal that in the relationship between parents and children there are discussions and conflicts, but what makes the difference is the way in which these difficulties are handled. Many parents, unfortunately, consider, mistakenly, that spankings are a useful tool to educate their children. But spankings, on the contrary, will become the seeds of child's lack of self-esteem and a source of deep-seated resentment. 

2. Children never forget the way a parent treats the other parent. The relationship that exists between the two parents is the basis from which the child will start to formulate their own behavior in couples relationships. It is very likely that as an adult, a child will repeat with their partner what, as a child, they witnessed at home with their parents. 

3. Children never forget the moments when they felt protected. Children's fears are bigger and more insidious than those of adults, also because they are still not able to distinguish very well the line that separates reality from imagination. Parents are the people they trust the most and it is in them that they seek that feeling of security which helps them to move forward and learn and explore what they do not know.

4. Children never forget the lack of attention. For a child, the love they feel for their parents is deeply related to the attention they receive from them. Children will not think that their parents love them if their parents do not take the time to get to know them and understand what is happening in their world. 

5. Children never forget the value parents give to being a family. Children will never forget it if their father or mother prioritized family life. If parents give absolute priority to their family, then their children will also learn the value of loyalty and affection.


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