Do not waste time seeking revenge because life will do it for you -
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Do not waste time seeking revenge because…
After a relationship, remaining friends with an ex is a bad idea. Wise words from psychologists 7 children and a lot of love! The wonderful story of a family that is very special ...

Do not waste time seeking revenge because life will do it for you


It is useless to explode into angry outbursts when the error is not ours. When the one who is wrong is the other person, we should not give too much weight to the fact that he or she continues to offend us, to criticize us, and to try to hurt us. 

It's not worth it. It would only lower ourselves to a very low level, theirs. Is this what we want? To wallow with them in their squalor?

We can do something much nobler. Just wait for life to run its course because let's face it, life always gives back what we give, for better or for worse.


You can call it karma or you can simply call it "knowing how to wait". In any case, this is the best thing to do when seeking revenge. Experience shows that revenge has never led to anything good and does not even give a true sense of satisfaction for having paid someone back for something they did in the past that caused us displeasure. 

Never has revenge been a good thing, so let's give ourselves a huge gift, just ignore the idea of a vendetta.  Ignoring something or someone can be of great benefit to our mental and physical health. In addition, it is often the best remedy for not suffering too much and to avoid uselessly inflicting pain on ourselves and others. Moreover, when we are convinced that sooner or later everyone pays for their mistakes, it is all much easier to ignore. 

We must learn to ignore even when it is very difficult to do so, especially when someone provokes us to make us explode --- when someone wants to make us lose control and create an opportunity to laugh at us even more.

Silence is the most elegant solution to meanness; when evil does not find an enemy with whom to fight, it goes away. And that is precisely what we want so that we are able to return to live our lives, free from those who contaminate it with their negativity.

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