People's criticism reflects who and what they are, not who and what you are! -
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People's criticism reflects who and…
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People's criticism reflects who and what they are, not who and what you are!


In a world where private life is experienced "publicly" on social media, and many people feel entitled to express their opinion without problems because they feel protected by a keyboard, it has become increasingly important to know how to manage and overcome the criticism of others. 

The judgment of others is an intrusion someone makes in our lives; more often than not it affects us intimately and, if we do not know how to react well, it can influence our behavior.

It is not rare, in fact, that a person will even modify their personality or their habits just so they can adhere to the opinions of others and thereby silence any criticism. How can we avoid all of this?

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Judging a person is easier than understanding them. It requires less effort than listening, and above all avoids having to be in contact with them and feeling involved. Yes, because sterile criticism comes especially from shallow people, who prefer to look at the other people because they are too afraid to look inward at themselves. 

In fact, a tendency to judge others and feels of insecurity often go hand in hand. Moreover, humiliating and labeling others is the best way to shift the attention (our own or others) from ourselves.

 How can we manage criticism?

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First of all, we must look attentively at WHO is criticizing us. Often recognizing the weaknesses and difficulties of the other person is sufficient to understand the reasons for which they are making judgments. Therefore, before taking the other person's criticism personally, we must try to understand the person who made it.

In addition, we must bear in mind that a person who judges is trying to throw a load of negativity on someone, and making others angry or sad is exactly their game plan. Consequently, we must always try to have a positive attitude, even if we arrive at a verbal confrontation because showing calmness and indifference is the best revenge!


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