Here is why many people feel that it is relaxing to do household chores ... -
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Here is why many people feel that it…
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Here is why many people feel that it is relaxing to do household chores ...


When you are at home, the last thing you would like to do is to put on some rubber gloves and spend several hours cleaning your house.

Still, for some peoplethis activity has the same function as a stress reliever and seeing everything looking cleaner makes them feel more relaxed and satisfied.

Is it possible that cleaning is a remedy that reduces anxiety and stress, and helps the mind to regenerate?

Apparently, that is the case and reasons are diverse.

  • 1. Tidy house, tidy mind: The environment around us, also affects our mood. Having a disorganized and dirty house makes us, depressed and anxious, and vice versa, a clean and organized house makes us feel calmer and more at ease.  
  • 2. A physiological issue: By nature, the human brain tends to desire to have everything under control and when this is not possible then anxiety increases. Having a clean house means keeping control over the world you live in.  
  • 3. Routinely doing household chores: Sometimes, cleaning becomes a kind of ritual because doing the cleaning helps to stay calm and to relax the brain, as well as improve your mood.  
  • 4. Cleaning promotes feelings of security: Living in an environment that is too chaotic and messy, makes a person feel uncomfortable and like they are continually hanging by a thread. Cleaning and tidying up, therefore, help you to feel better about yourself and others. 
  • 5. Cleaning as a reflection of your personality: The regenerative function of cleaning, has a positive effect, especially on those who have a personality that is prone to suffering from anxiety. Those who already have a relaxed nature do not feel the need to make cleaning a ritual or a remedy to reduce stress, because they prefer doing other activities. 

Regardless of the motivations that drive a person to do household chores, cleaning actually contributes to improve their mood and to eliminate, even if briefly, feelings of stress and anxiety.


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