Losing a pet causes immense pain which must be respected and those who have not experienced this cannot understand it. - WTVideo.com
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Losing a pet causes immense pain which…
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Losing a pet causes immense pain which must be respected and those who have not experienced this cannot understand it.


Sometimes those who have pets are misunderstood by those who have never had them.

Treating pets in a certain way, taking care of them as if they were people, and grieving when they pass away, can seem absurd to those who have never had any pets and have no knowledge of the strong bond that binds a human being to their pets.

Our four-legged companions are the first to greet us when we return home and the first to console us when we are feeling depressed.

For us, they are like family members or friends and when we are forced to lose them, the emotions we experience are the same emotions that we would feel for anyone else. Facing a loss is always painful and difficult, and this includes losing our pets.

Helping those who are suffering is a gesture of compassion and humanity that should always be made, also in these cases. Here are some useful tips to follow.

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  • 1. To try to understand and appreciate the type of bond that is established between a person and their pet, remembering that for some it is a very strong and complex relationship that is difficult to explain to others. Time is the only possible cure against death.
  • 2. It is always better to avoid saying unpleasant things, especially if you cannot empathize with certain situations. Knowing how to listen to those who are suffering can help them in such a difficult moment.
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  • 3. For those who have lost a pet, it is like losing a loved one, and they will need time to recover. In this phase, it is important for them to try to rediscover in their daily life that spirit of joy that they felt with their four-legged friend by looking at photos, talking, and sharing their story. 

It is difficult to be with a person who is suffering from losing someone, but it is the same situation when someone has lost a beloved pet. Although it may seem strange, it is necessary to remember this and adopt the same precautions that would be used in similar circumstances. Understanding a bond like that between a human being and animal is complex, and only by living it can one fully understand.


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