Here is a simple recipe for preparing…
It is time to disinfect your mattress and with these two ingredients, it has never been so easy! This young child helps his elderly grandfather to eat ... and the video touches thousands of people!

Here is a simple recipe for preparing lozenges to fight coughs and colds --- you will not be able to do without them!

October 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The arrival of autumn often brings with it a series of consequences at the physical level. In fact, it is quite common to feel tired and exhausted in the fall season, as well as having a respiratory system that is not in optimal condition.

If we cannot do much for the problem of energy, apart from getting enough rest and eating healthy and nourishing food, certainly some small remedies for seasonal illnesses can be found. 

This is why today we have decided to introduce you to a simple recipe for balsamic lozenges made with lemon, ginger, and honey, that is very useful for keeping the respiratory tract healthy.

These lozenges are suitable for consummation throughout the winter, although those with a sweet tooth will not want to do without them even in the summer!

image: Youtube

The ingredients are very simple: 

half a glass of water; 
half squeezed lemon (2 tablespoons); 
half a cup of white sugar; 
1 tablespoon of honey; 
half a teaspoon of ginger powder; 
half a teaspoon of powdered cloves (optional); 
powdered sugar (for storage).

 Here are the simple steps

Take a small saucepan and add all the ingredients, except the powdered sugar; bring to a boil over high heat, then lower the heat to a minimum and let it simmer for about twenty minutes until the mixture has a gelatinous consistency.

With the help of a spoon, take small portions and let them fall like drops on the parchment paper (if you want, you can use small candy molds to give them a shape).

After about twenty minutes, the candies will have cooled and solidified and you can remove them from the paper and place them in a jar, preferably sprinkled with powdered sugar to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Keep them stored in a cool and dry place, and consume them whenever you want!

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