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Hang a plastic bag full of water on your doorpost to permanently remove flies

June 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

With all due respect to these insects, flies are really very annoying! Flies settle on food contaminating it with bacteria and they buzz around insistently without us having the possibility of chasing them away.

Consequently, we are forced to use strong methods as the last resort! However, there will no longer be any need to kill flies because there is a very economical way to drive away pesky flies, that has even been proven by science. Here's what it is.

Have you ever been to someone's house and noticed a transparent plastic bag filled with water and some coins? It is not a bizarre madness, but a way to drive away flies.

image: pixabay.com

Here's what you need to prepare this fly deterrent:


  • One transparent plastic food bag 
  • Cooking salt 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Coins 
  • Water


Procure all the material, then pour the salt, lemon juice, and water into the transparent plastic bag. Insert the coins and seal the bag well. 

The plastic bag should be hung where you want flies not to arrive, i.e., under a gazebo, on the porch, or on the threshold of a door or a window. The important thing is that some direct sunlight shines on the transparent plastic bag, in order to create the bright light reflections that are highly annoying to flies.

The effectiveness of this technique can also be explained by science.

Flies have a very different way of seeing from that of humans. In particular, flies are very sensitive to light reflections. To avoid disorientation, therefore, they avoid any areas where these annoying reflections can occur that distort their vision. In fact, coins are inserted in the transparent plastic bag to create these points of light reflection. Salt and lemon, on the other hand, are needed to make and keep the coins bright. 

See how easy it is to keep flies away without hurting them?

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