6 acts that a newborn baby should never…
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6 acts that a newborn baby should never be subjected to

March 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In caring for a newborn baby, mothers and fathers will be able to understand, over time, what are the methods that their child seems to "like" more or that seem to function better when used to reassure him/her in various situations of distress. 

There are attitudes and behaviors, however, that psychologists, pediatricians, and pedagogues strongly advise all parents to adopt that we feel safe to share with you to foster the practice of kind and conscious care.

1. A newborn baby needs to be kept in contact with his/her mother's (and father's) body!

image: pexels.com

The time to educate a child to be independent will come, but when they are young, keeping them in your arms, in contact with the warmth of your body, is very important. Babies come into the world after having spent nine months protected and pampered precisely by the warmth of their mother's womb, so they are so in need of feeling safe even after being born! The only efficient way to achieve this is through the hugs they receive, at least until they are eighteen months old.

2. Spanking babies

Spanking, however slight, is wrong under any circumstances, even when they reach (or exceed) two years of age. Violence is useless, the only way to explain what is right and wrong is with words. Those who support the opposite are in error.

3. Never ignore them

image: pixabay.com

Newborns do not cry without a reason or because they are trying to be "smart", but always because they are trying to tell us something. It should be remembered, in fact, that it is their only method of communication! So every time your little one cries, try to understand why and do what needs to be done as soon as possible. On the contrary, ignoring babies would lead to problems during their development. 

4. Throw them in the air or shake them 

Here we refer to the most common games that you do with children as you throw them in the air and then take them back. Another thing to never do is never shake them. Neither out of a fit of rage nor joking. The reason is more serious than you might imagine: you could cause serious brain damage to your child. 
Another typical game that can cause physical harm to the baby is what we do when we take them by the wrists and we spin them suspended in the air: the joints of the arms can meet the so-called painful pronation.


5. Get them to sleep in a prone position

image: Pixabay.com

The position that is absolutely not recommended to let your baby sleep is on his or her stomach! This is simply because it increases the risk of suffocation. Also to be avoided is letting your baby sleep on his/her side, the preferred position is sleeping belly up.

6. Letting them cry until they stop by themselves --- is that the correct thing to do?

The theory of --- "Let a baby cry, he/she will fall asleep sooner or later" is supported by many, including the Spanish doctor Eduard Estivill who has developed a real method (much more elaborate than is often described by his detractors) that aims to solve what Estivill calls "infant insomnia". 

According to other experts, however, at least in the first year of life we should avoid resorting to this strategy. It is at this stage that the child begins to develop a sense of trust towards the outside world of which he/she must learn so much, so trying to be present for the child at night time would be more useful than letting him/her fall asleep crying.


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