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If you decide to eliminate sugar for…
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If you decide to eliminate sugar for 10 days, here are the amazing results that you will get!

November 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyone knows that eating too much sugar harms our health.

When we are at a birthday party or simply in the supermarket aisle where there is a profusion of sweets --- cookies, cakes, candies, etc, it is difficult to control ourselves and not buy everything we see and more! Nevertheless, we have to stop and think that for the sake of our body we should not consume too much sugar!  

But what happens exactly to our body, and especially to the children, when we make a small sacrifice and decide to eliminate those dreaded sweets for a few days?

Here are the consequences if we decide to abstain from sugar for 10 days ...

A study conducted by Dr. Robert Lustig, a physician at the University of California's pediatric department, shows how much the human body would benefit from a decrease in sugar consumption. Involving 43 children from different ethnicities, each of them suffering from obesity, diabetes, or pathology related to the circulatory system, the doctor worked in a simple but incisive way. His study consisted of decreasing the amount of "bad" sugar by lowering it from 28% to 10%, without however affecting the amount of daily food. 

By replacing the "bad" sugar present in the diet of every single child with more complex and healthy carbohydrates, in just 10 days the results were stunning! In fact, the triglyceride levels had dropped by 33 points, bad cholesterol levels dropped by 5 and levels of blood sugar and blood pressure had reached absolutely acceptable levels.

In order to avoid that any serious issues may develop in the future, or that existing ones are strengthened, it is good to know that eliminating, or drastically decreasing, sugar consumption shows benefits within a few days. So why not try it? No more cakes and pastries tomorrow, Okay? Okay!

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