One of the two women is the mother of…
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One of the two women is the mother of the child: try to identify her and test your intuition

September 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

From the way, we apply our observational capacity and from the intuitions that we get from our capacity to observe others, we can also understand something about ourselves and our own personality. 

The test shown in the image below asks you to indicate which of the two women, according to you, is the mother of the child playing on the floor. 

Observe the image well, then choose, and find out if your intuition has guided you in the right direction ...

If you chose woman number two: 

You are creative, funny and you have a great imagination. You know how to listen to others and give them great advice. You are very sensitive and have a great sense of professionalism but your answer is incorrect. Unfortunately, the woman number two is not the child's mother. 

If you chose woman number one: 

You are a persistent person who is always in search of the truth and fearless in the face of adversity. You always try to see the positive side of things and you are not afraid of changes and taking risks. You usually analyze each detail and in fact, have given the correct answer. The woman on the left, woman number one is the child's mother. Furthermore, you also do not like to mix business and personal relationships, but you are surrounded by friends who really appreciate and love you. 

The reason for the answer. 

On the left, woman number one is sitting so that her legs are directed to the child. This position reflects the natural desire of a mother to protect her child. In addition, contrary to what you might think, children usually play looking at their mother and not with their back to her. In short, did your intuition betray you or were you up to the test?


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