Not the day to try to be a hero! -
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Not the day to try to be a hero!
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Not the day to try to be a hero!

August 22, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You are riding your bicycle, calmly pedaling along and minding your own business when suddenly a runaway skateboard crosses your path! Without a second thought, you decide to try to stop the skateboard, and if you can, you will feel like the "hero" of the day ...

Although this guy makes the gesture and tries to stop the skateboard, something goes terribly wrong! In fact, he ends up falling straight into the river!

Too bad that now, with smartphone cameras everywhere, you cannot even avoid ending up on the social networks of half the world!

Tags: FunnySkateboardFalls
Guy Tries To Be Hero, Fails Massively

Save the skateboard! 😂😂

Pubblicato da UNILAD su Lunedì 12 giugno 2017

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