Fantastic DIY holiday decorations! -
Fantastic DIY holiday decorations!
Make your own sparkling snowflake holiday decorations! Make a natural home deodorizer!

Fantastic DIY holiday decorations!

December 19, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This year, if you have a few extra minutes to spend on decorating your Christmas tree, why not, instead of being satisfied with the usual ornamental balls, devote yourself to a DIY project that will display an extra touch of creativity!

Follow our tutorial and make with your own hands the holiday decorations that we propose. You can decide what form you want to create!

Therefore, just procure the following materials --- PVA glue (white glue), water, colored thread or yarn, polystyrene, and pins. If you are not so imaginative then just let yourself be guided by what we have prepared!

1. Get the shape you want to create (in this case a star), place it on a piece of polystyrene, and trace out the outline with pins.

2. Prepare a mixture of white glue and water.


3. Put the thread in the white glue, then tie one end to the first pin and started to weave it around the other (remember to leave a small piece of thread to close the design when you have completed it.)

4. Once you have finished the design, knot the ends and leave to dry until the design becomes rigid.

5. Create other designs with different shapes and colors. After they are dry, you can remove the pins and . . . see the beautiful results!


6. Now the only left to do is make a simple loop knot and hang your unique and original holiday decoration on your Christmas tree!

Here is the video where we show you how to proceed. Have fun!


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