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3 quick methods to find out if honey…
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3 quick methods to find out if honey is 100% pure

November 23, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you worship honey, spread it on toast, or drink it inside a hot cup of herbal tea, but you do not know which brand to trust because you do not know how to find out if it is pure honey? No problem, here are some ways!

If you do not trust discount brands, but you also do not know if your local farmer can be trusted or not, then here are three simple and ingenious ways (you really only need a few seconds) to get all the answers you need and find out if what you have is 100% honey.

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Test 1: Burn the honey!

Take a piece of paper and put a bit of honey on one end of the paper. Then light the honey-covered end of the paper with a lighter or a flame on a gas stove top. If the honey does not burn, it is not pure, if it burns, then it 100% pure!

Test 2: Try to dissolve the honey in a glass of water . . .

If, after pouring a bit of honey in a glass of water, the honey dissolves, becoming one with the water, then it means that it is not pure honey. If on the contrary, it forms a "lump" at the bottom of the glass, well, then it is worth buying!


Test 3: Place some honey on a finger . . .

If, after placing a bit of honey on a finger, it melts and spreads, once again we are faced with honey that is not pure, but if it stays solid, then it is pure honey.

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