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13 tricks that everyone should know…
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13 tricks that everyone should know to stop throwing away food!


Do you often have to throw away food before you can consume it, or you cannot find food products in the packaging size that fit your needs?

Do not despair! You do not have to resign yourself to throwing food away, because there are some very simple tips that will help you prolong the life of whatever you have in the fridge.

In addition to saving money, you will finally be able to stop contributing to food waste!

1. Leftover cake? Put two slices of bread with a pair of toothpicks on the cut ends of the cake. The slices of bread will absorb the humidity, while the cake will remain as fresh as if it were just cut!

2. To keep pineapple longer, remove the crown and turn the pineapple upside down.


3. Do you know that cut lettuce is kept longer if kept in a glass container instead of a plastic one?

4. Apples can be preserved for months in the fridge. The solution lies in identifying and removing the apple that is about to go bad, as it will be the one that will spoil the others too.

5. Wrap fresh vegetables in a paper towel, in this way it will absorb the excess moisture responsible for their deterioration.


6. Blanch vegetables before freezing them --- they will last longer!

7. Celery, broccoli, and salad last longer if wrapped in aluminum foil.


8. Put plastic wrap around a banana stem to slow down the ripening process.

9. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil and they will always be ready for use!


 10. To store a stock of tomato sauce, pour it into a plastic bag, freeze it for an hour then with a toothpick create portions. Next, just put the bag back in the freezer.

11. Even eggs can be frozen! Pour each egg into an ice tray mold together with a pinch of salt.

12. Using this method, you can freeze ground meat already divided into portions.

image: imgur.com

13. Keep and store cheese wrapped in a sheet of wax paper followed by a sheet of plastic wrap to keep cheese longer.

image: pexels.com
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