Clever kitchen hacks that make cooking…
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Clever kitchen hacks that make cooking a real pleasure!

January 02, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Determining if someone knows how to cook is not done just by looking at the final result of a recipe, it is also necessary to take into consideration the entire operation, from the preparation to the tasting!

In fact, a real chef does not just have delicious food that comes out of their kitchen, they are also very skilled at cooking and preparing food themselves.

To become a little bit more expert yourself here is an article in which genius and imagination come together to create a series of tricks that will turn you into a real magician in the kitchen!

1. If your oven pan is too small for a whole pizza, try cutting the pizza into four wedges and arranging them in this way. It's so simple!

image: © Instagram

2. What is the easiest way to cut a pepper to take out the seeds and the bitter parts? Here it is!


3. If it happens that you discover that your muffin tins are still greasy after they have been washed then use this trick. Just put a few grains of rice in the bottom of the muffin tin cups!

4. The kitchen tool used to slice an apple into wedges is also great for quickly cutting a potato!

5. A refreshing summer dessert? A watermelon smoothie served in the selfsame watermelon!


6. Do you want to keep your vegetables fresh longer? Just put an absorbent paper towel in the package!

7. Do you enjoy your fruit served in wedges? Here is the cleanest and fastest way to serve a citrus fruit!

image: © Jewel Pie

8. Milk coffee in a minute? Make frozen coffee cubes and put one or two in your hot milk!

9. Do you find it difficult to peel a mango? Try using a glass . . .


10.For a kiwi.... instead use a spoon!

11. Did you know about this one? To quickly soften butter from the fridge, just turn a hot glass over it for a couple of minutes!

12. For the times when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth -- here is the way to eat milk and cookies!

image: © Imgur

13. Perfect pancakes or crepes? Pour the batter into a ketchup container that has been previously cleaned and rinsed thoroughly.

14. To eat fresh vegetables even when you have no time ---freeze them! Put them already sliced ​​in plastic bags so that they can later be taken out of the freezer and quickly cooked.

15. To remove the leaves from strawberries without wasting the pulp, use a straw!

image: © Ziploc

16. Do you know the easiest way to peel a banana? Try crushing the tip and peel from there ...

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