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Recycle a can to make a shopping bag…
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Recycle a can to make a shopping bag dispenser!

October 10, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Who among us at some point has not found our drawers and cabinets so full of disorderly shopping bags that we almost dread the moment when we have to look inside? Well, here is a method which, once you have tried it, you will see how simple and convenient it is to use!

Just take a can with a plastic cover (eg. barley coffee or camp coffee), make two cross cuts in the plastic cover and then use some adhesive paper to cover the outside of the can.

Now for the shopping bags! Just grab a shopping bag and first fold it in half and then roll it leaving out the handles, then insert the next one as shown in the video and continue until you have rolled enough shopping bags to fill the can. Now try to pull one out ...

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