Here is something that all drivers should learn immediately! -
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Here is something that all drivers should…
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Here is something that all drivers should learn immediately!

October 11, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Despite if we think that our manner of driving may seem to be appropriate and respectful of traffic laws, there are some very common mistakes that put cyclists in particular in jeopardy.

Did you know that opening your car door with your left hand may cause unpleasant accidents? In fact, when you open your car door in this way you do not first look back to check for passing cyclists.

By using "The Dutch Reach" you use your right hand instead to open your car door, which forces your body to rotate to the left and turns your head and eye to the road behind you or towards your rear side view mirror. This is a simple action but one that is very important for road traffic safety!


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