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A man cuts a strange object --- what happens next is totally unexpected!

That strange object you see is actually a shark egg, namely of a species known as "bamboo shark" Bamboo sharks, are ocean animals that are much smaller than their famous relatives such as the gray or…

A camera filmes a very rare behavior between great white sharks !!

During a trip offshore in south Australia an unbelievable event is filmed: a great white shark attacks another smaller white shark. It's hard to figure out if the attack was intentional or if the smaller…
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This shark can weigh a ton --- but the record it beats is another!

The Greenland shark may grow to be more than 6 m (19 ft) long and weigh more than a ton but the record it beats is another! In fact, recent research on the Greenland shark aka grey shark or sleeper shark,…

A rare sighting of a mysterious GHOST SHARK!

You have to dive deep into the ocean, where the sun's rays do not arrive, in order to find ghost sharks. They have lived on this planet Earth for millions of years, even before the dinosaurs. Their characteristics…

A kite surfer girl unexpectedly meets --- a great white shark!

That day the wind was not strong enough to expect a day of really great kite surfing, but this young woman, decided nevertheless to not to give up her opportunity to go kite surfing so went into the…

If you see a dark spot moving in the water ... move away FAST!

It is a beautiful sunny day and a ride on their Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski out into the crystal blue sea seems like a wonderful idea to this couple! But everything could have turned into a tragedy, all…
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