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He manages to attach a camera to a shark: these images are amazing !

For the lovers of wild nature, technology has become a key aide. Images that only a few decades ago could only be created with the help of sophisticated equipment, are now within the reach of almost everyone.…

Two boys are approached by a shark but luckily they're not his prey !

On the coasts of the city of Destin, Florida, what appears to be a large hammerhead shark approaches the beach while 2 people are swimming. The alarm was immediately launched, but soon after it was clear…

A sub is cleaning the tank: look what happens when the Shark arrives... Wow!

Being closed in a tank with sharks represent probably a nightmare for most people, but not always the animals are hungry and aggressive as you think. This diver is doing maintenance in this gigantic tank…
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He catches a shark, but a grouper eats it in one bite !

A off the coast of Florida a shark bait the hook of a fisherman and he tries to bring him aboard. In the meantime, however, a sea grouper sets his sights on an easy snak: and with a lightning attack he…
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A camera filmes a very rare behavior between great white sharks !!

During a trip offshore in south Australia an unbelievable event is filmed: a great white shark attacks another smaller white shark. It's hard to figure out if the attack was intentional or if the smaller…
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The great white shark and a brave swimmer

In spite of the cruel and alarming images that usually accompany sharks it is a pleasure to enjoy this special show: a brave swimmer indulges in a moment of quiet diving with a great white shark, and…
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