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Video Emergencies

A roll of toilet paper in a can? The reason is brilliant!

This video shows how to transform a metal container in to a kind of emergency stove for heating or cooking. It demonstrates how alcohol, a roll of toilet paper and a can can create a flame that lasts…

A man pokes a hole in a tin of tuna and the result is ... "enlightening!"

It can happen to be in an emergency where it's necessary to have the light of a candle but you havn't got one. However, there are various ways to create for your DIY candle: here's for you 5 emergency…

Here's how you can save your life if you're choking and are alone (0:50) !

Many will know the method to save a person in case he/she has ingested something that prevents him/her from breathing, but what if it happens to you, and you are alone? With the method explained by this…

First Aid -- How to save yourself if you are choking!

Every day, there are news stories that show us that even in a domestic setting that is relatively safe, an accident may be just around the corner, and knowing how to act in a timely manner can make a…

A man has a heart attack: here's how they save his life in just 2 MINUTES

While, as is often said, technology has stolen relationships, intimacy and authenticity, on the other side it can certainly help us save lives. The drone ambulance created by German engineer Alex Momont,…

She sees a red-faced student --- Her timely intervention saved his life!

A student was quietly heading down the hall corridor towards the school bathroom when the candy he was eating got stuck in his throat and he started choking. Incredibly, a science teacher, Ms. Betsy Berry,…

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