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A wonderful zonkey !

Crosses between different animals can give very interesting results. Here is an example of "Zonkey" the son of a zebra and a donkey, born in a zoo in Mexico. The matching of these animals may occur spontaneously…

A donkey reacts to a woman playing the violin!

Probably this donkey had never heard the sound of a violin before. The animal's reaction to its first experience left the violinist speechless! When the violinist starts playing a melody, the donkey decides…

A handicapped dog finds a special friend in a donkey: to see them together warms the heart!

This demonstration of unconditional love has for its protagonists, first Kolima, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog that is a little more than a year old and second, Paolo, a six-year-old donkey. Unfortunately,…
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A baby donkey approaches her --- the girl cannot believe what happens next!

All baby animals are indiscriminately adorable, even those who you would never suspect! Apparently, however, baby donkeys can demonstrate levels of tenderness that are almost unbearable for most of us.…

Oh, well ... you live and you LEARN! :)

Faced with a perplexing problem, there are those who need more time to reflect, those who insist on trying a particular solution even if it is clear that it does not work, and then there are those who,…

A DONKEY--swinging in a hammock!? ...LOOK! His satisfied expression is priceless!

It happens to all of us, at one time or another, to be in desperate need of a bit of R&R (Rest and Recuperation)!  Without having to go to the ends of the earth, it would be enough to just be able…

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