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Video Of Discoveries

Gaziantep, a city in Turkey with beautiful ancient mosaics!

In the modern day city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey, an extraordinary discovery has been made! Some archaeologists have brought to light three amazingly preserved mosaics from the ancient Greek civilization.…

The function of the Narwhal whale tusk revealed by a drone!

For some time now, there has been a new way of exploring the world, namely through the use of drones. These devices can go everywhere, are quiet and discreet and are equipped with the latest generation…

While working in a wheat field, they found a sunken ship from 1856 ... still completely intact!

In the second half of the nineteenth century in America, as elsewhere, steamboats were the most used freight vehicles. In fact, steamboats were constantly navigating the main Midwest rivers (the Mississippi,…

16 photos showing the first appearance of some epochal innovations

Have you ever wondered when and how did the mobile phone first appear, which we now use at any and all times of the day? And when was the first time a woman wore the famous and controversial bikini? To…

10 discoveries made by chance that have made people wealthy forever

Do you know that according to an expert, each of us can increase our good luck? Just follow some simple rules, namely: 1) make new acquaintances, be relaxed, and be open to new opportunities, 2) listen…

A study reveals that one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer's could be loss of spatial orientation

The number of Alzheimer's patients is destined to increase over time and the pathology risks becoming a real social scourge, as there is no cure for this and other types of dementia - at least for the…

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