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Who will win in this fight? The Bear or the Elk?

Life in the wild follows rules that are in blatant contrast to each other. For example, there is the natural and fierce hunting instinct of a hungry bear as opposed to the very determined and fearless…
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He turns on a leaf blower and gets an unbelievable reaction!

There are locations around the world where spotting deer near or in your own the garden is something quite normal, yet even in those places usually these animals tend to maintain their rather diffident character.…
Animals Deers Funny

A deer in the middle of the ocean?! --- this rescue deserves a medal!

When Rob Kurdy decided to take his boat out for sharking fishing far from the coast on the Long Island Sound, he certainly did not expect to have such a strange and in some respects lucky encounter! As…

He films his wife while she is outside --- They are about to receive a fabulous visit!

This is a curious scene that repeats itself every winter in Wyoming (USA). Why? Because a woman named Cheyenne has made it a tradition to feed the wild deer during the coldest months of the winter. Therefore,…
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A baby deer lies motionless on the road --- See its reaction when it is picked up!

The tenderness and beauty of this newborn baby deer will pleasantly surprise you as much as the man who gently saved him. The baby deer that had just been born was lying motionless in the middle of the…

A worker sees something move in the mud! --- What he manages to do is marvelous!

A crane excavator operator notices that a deer is completely stuck in the mud in the place where he was working. Seeing that the little baby deer will not be able to extricate itself and thereby establishing…

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