Who will win in this fight? The Bear or the Elk?

Life in the wild follows rules that are in blatant contrast to each other. For example, there is the natural and fierce hunting instinct of a hungry bear as opposed to the very determined and fearless…
Animals Bears Deers

He turns on a leaf blower and gets an unbelievable reaction!

There are locations around the world where spotting deer near or in your own the garden is something quite normal, yet even in those places usually these animals tend to maintain their rather diffident character.…
Animals Deers Funny

A deer in the middle of the ocean?! --- this rescue deserves a medal!

When Rob Kurdy decided to take his boat out for sharking fishing far from the coast on the Long Island Sound, he certainly did not expect to have such a strange and in some respects lucky encounter! As…

He films his wife while she is outside --- They are about to receive a fabulous visit!

This is a curious scene that repeats itself every winter in Wyoming (USA). Why? Because a woman named Cheyenne has made it a tradition to feed the wild deer during the coldest months of the winter. Therefore,…
Animals Deers Wtf

A baby deer lies motionless on the road --- See its reaction when it is picked up!

The tenderness and beauty of this newborn baby deer will pleasantly surprise you as much as the man who gently saved him. The baby deer that had just been born was lying motionless in the middle of the…

A worker sees something move in the mud! --- What he manages to do is marvelous!

A crane excavator operator notices that a deer is completely stuck in the mud in the place where he was working. Seeing that the little baby deer will not be able to extricate itself and thereby establishing…

A deer sees the ocean for the first time ... Don't miss her reaction!

The ocean is certainly not the environment in which deers come into contact very often and most of them have no idea what it means to be in front of so much water. Despite being her first experience however…
Animals Deers Sea

There's a deer in the garden, but the little bulldog decides it's play time !

This female 3 years old french bulldog has a lot of energy, and seems to have no fear of anything. As soon as this young male deer came in her garden she played with him for more than half an hour, showing…
Cute Deers Dogs

Here's what could happen while walking in the woods !

During a trip in the woods of Pennsylvania, these lucky visitors are approached by an unusual friend.

I didn't think freeing a deer could be so exciting!!

The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) is responsible for rescueing animals in distress. In this case, a deer is trapped in a gate; fortunately the speed of intervention meant that he wasn't hurt and could…

Two woodcutters found a cute spoiled deer !

These two lumberjacks during a work session found a deer caught in the bushes and they released it trying to calm it down. Then, noticing an adult deer who was watching them in the distance, and assuming…

Jumps the fence to find a way for her baby deer

Mother deer tries to show her little, how to jump the fence, but he's far too young for a jump like that. Eventually, however, as she patiently waits for him, he manages to find his way.

Baby deer stuck in a gate is rescued !

Here's an example of how the human intrusion into the lives of animals can also be positive. Thanks to this man's intervention the cute deer manages to reach its mother, having spent a lot of time stuck…

A Little Deer wants to make a new friend

Maya's parents were unloading the car after a trip when this deer came out of the bushes and began to follow the little girl. Although the understandable temptation to keep it at home, they brought it…

A herd of deer occupying the road in Japan

The video was filmed in Nara Park, Japan. Historically, deers in this area were considered sacred, and until the early 1600s the killing of one of them was punishable by death. Today, they are protected…
Animals Deers Wtf

The rescue of two deers on a frozen lake

In the Lake Albert Lea there are two deers, no hope nor strength to continue to move forward. So James with his father decided to start a rescue mission with their hovercraft.
Animals Deers GoPro

Deer and Cat: a strange but beautiful friendship

Friendship has no limit, nor race, nor culture, when it is true, even a deer and a cat can become great friends.
Animals Cats Deers Tenders

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