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31 Hacks You Cannot Live Without!
This Italian singer is absolutely thrilling ... Ingenious hacks for using plastic wrap!

31 Hacks You Cannot Live Without!


If your life seems chaotic and disorganized, it is first of all due to the environment in which you live!

Your home and workspace can over time reach an unsustainable level of confusion if you are not regularly devoted to keeping them tidy.

The golden rule for cleaning and tidying up is throwing out, without hesitation anything that is useless, obsolete or damaged. In this way, it will obtain the necessary space where you can, instead, organize everything that you use every day.

What are the other rules to follow? We give you 31 little tricks that will improve the quality of your life!

1. Use the back of a door to hang space-saving pockets! You can store your cleaning products this way!

image: nancy acosta

2. It is indescribable the anger that is triggered by not finding the beginning of a roll of adhesive tape! Use a paper clip to find it easily!

image: Imgur

3. Using stretch elastic hooks is the best way to keep balls in order while occupying the least possible space.

image: Imgur

4. Use empty egg cartons to keep in your office drawers order.

image: Imgur

5. Attach a shelf above the door where you can store all the items you rarely use.

image: Imgur

6. You can buy these convenient spices fridge door magnets to take advantage of the sidewall of the refrigerator.

image: Imgur

7. Your drawers can hold a lot more clothing than you think! Just put them in the right way!

image: Imgur

8. Metal boxes can be hung by fixing magnets to the wall -- use them for storing pens and pencils.

image: DIY Hacks

9. Use plastic baskets to separate frozen foods so that you can take what you need without having to pull everything out.

image: The Kitchn

10. It is a good habit to label cables; indicating to which appliance they belong.

11. Use paper holder clips to support cables, attaching them to the edge of a desk.

image: Imgur

12. You do not always need to buy a large cabinet. This method of organization is very efficient!

13. By hanging a perforated board on a wall, you can find accommodation for numerous items.

image: OrganiZen

14. A ladder hanging on the ceiling can seem like a bizarre idea, but it is a great drying rack for laundry.

image: Jamal

15. Attach a magnet to the back of your cosmetic packaging and then arrange them on a magnetic board.

image: chilimilli

16. These straw baskets hanging from towel racks are really useful and not just in the bathroom!

image: WELKE.

17. Empty marmalade jars can be used to build a shelf in the bathroom that is definitely different!

18. Secure a PVC pipe inside furniture doors --- the hollow interior is great for storing straighteners and curling irons.

image: Pipe Hype

19. A magazine rack fixed to the inside of a door provides an extra space that is very convenient.

image: Imgur

20. Place the sheets of the same set in its pillow case --- you will never have mismatched pieces!

21. These metal baskets that can be hooked to shelves are very useful when placed in the interior of a cabinet.

22. Keep your knives in order by attaching them to a metal plate.

23. Attach an extensible rod under the kitchen sink and hang your spray bottles there!

24. Hang all clothes hangers backward, and as you wear the clothing put the hanger back the right way. After a year, you can dispose of the clothes that are still on clothes hangers that are turned backward because you never wear them!

image: Imgur

25. Make a habit of putting a trash container in your car so as not to throw trash everywhere!

image: Imgur

26. Tweezers and scissors can be kept on hand by attaching them to a small magnet in the bathroom cabinet.

image: Imgur

27. Use a magazine rack to organize and hang pot lids!

image: Imgur

28. By using extensible rods vertically in furniture cabinets you can keep trays and cutting boards in order.

image: Imgur

29. The shutter of an old window becomes a beautiful magazine rack!

image: Imgur

30. Trestle a washer and dryer so you have a space underneath for storing baskets. You can store detergent or the clothes to be washed!

image: Imgur

31. If you love to wear jewelry, keep them in view by placing them on glass bottles.

Now you do not have any more excuses for keeping your living spaces untidy! These tips are simple and very efficient! Moreover, their cost of realization is very low . . . These are not enough? Well, here is a video in which you will find other tips to help you become really organized!

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