You Can Easily Enlarge Tight Shoes! -
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You Can Easily Enlarge Tight Shoes!
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You Can Easily Enlarge Tight Shoes!


Walking while wearing a pair of tight shoes is very annoying as well as strongly discouraged for the health of your feet.

However, it may happen that you buy a pair of shoes and discover a few days later that they are too tight, maybe when you walk and wear them for a longer period of time. 

Today, the hack that we are going to bring to your attention is a method that enlarges your shoes, especially leather, totally free of charge.

No need to go to a shoe cobbler or spend more money on another pair of new shoes! Yes, by using this simple procedure you can make your shoes one size larger!

You need two plastic bags with hermetic seals. Fill them halfway with water and place them inside the shoes.

Put the shoes in the freezer for 24 hours. As the water in the plastic bags freezes, it increases in volume slowly widening the shoes.


Remove your shoes from the freezer, take out the frozen plastic bags, and try on the shoes. They will immediately feel more comfortable and are now perfect to be worn!

No need to give up on comfort or your favorite pair of shoes!

Watch the video and learn more in detail about this useful trick!

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