Nightmare Playgrounds! Here Are Some Of The Most Sensational And Funny Design Mistakes Ever! -
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Nightmare Playgrounds! Here Are Some…
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Nightmare Playgrounds! Here Are Some Of The Most Sensational And Funny Design Mistakes Ever!


If accompanying children to a playground is certainly better than leaving them at home in front of the TV or taking them to a depressing and crowded shopping center, nevertheless, you should not choose the first playground that you happen to find!

Just like furniture or house designers, even the planners (or maintainers) of playgrounds can make sensational mistakes, that when seen can only leave us stunned!

Of course, in the photo gallery, most of the playgrounds that we show you are now closed to the public for obvious reasons! However, this does not mean that at first glance the scenario is not truly surreal and horribly funny at the same time. Take a look!

1. In this park, they have found a way to differentiate the disposal of children?!

2. A wall --- right there ???

image: imgur

3. Is this a playground or a prison?

4. No.

5. Probably they were dealing with some really dangerous children.

image: imgur

6. If the intent is to slice people, they have succeeded

image: imgur

7. Here is Sponge Bob ... as you would see in your nightmares

8. It is good to educate children about the fragility of life, but this is too much!

9. Surprise!

10. I'm sure about how it is supposed to be used, but it sure looks like it would hurt!

image: imgur

11. Take the children to the park ... what could ever go wrong?

12. We hope they have put up huge danger signs that are easy to see!

image: imgur

13. Ehm ... remember not to spread your legs while you slide down ...

14. Not suitable for the faint of heart ... and for children over 1.5 ft tall (50 cm).

15. Surely, there was not a better place to put this slide?

16. How can it be that no one noticed that there was something disturbing about this?

image: imgur

17. A slide for ninja-children!

18. But ... what is it?

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