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Never Touch Or Pet Service Dogs! Let…
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Never Touch Or Pet Service Dogs! Let Them Do Their Jobs!


The lives of many people who have health problems find a significant improvement from the proximity of a properly trained dog.

These animals complete a long period of training before they are given to an owner. Although their preparation is of a very high standard, it is not impeccable.

Just as these animals follow strict rules to allow the patient to benefit from their affiliation, also those who meet a service dog on the street with its patient must comply with certain rules of conduct.

Young Hailey Ashmore's story helps us to understand why a guide dog should not be caressed or distracted when you encounter it.

In fact, Hailey has an Instagram profile on which she has documented her life with Flynn, her guide dog, and her illness.


The purpose of her social media profile is also to inform people about the precautions to take when dealing with these animals.

Hailey has serious health problems including a rare form of epilepsy. The seizures are unpredictable and intense, for this reason, she was given Flynn to help her.

Flynn is able to predict an epileptic seizure 15 minutes before it occurs. He accompanies Hailey to a safe place, reminds her to take her medicine, and waits with Hailey until she feels better.

One day Hailey took Flynn to her father's workplace and a colleague, completely ignoring the word STOP written on the dog's harness, began to caress him.

Flynn should not be distracted by people for a long time because then he will not be able to warn Hailey of the arrival of an epileptic seizure.

In fact, that was the occasion when Flynn failed to warn Hailey, who consequently had an epileptic seizure without warning.

Hailey fell violently to the ground and reported numerous wounds on her face.

Hailey was able to recuperate from the seizure but from that experience, she realized the importance of informing people about how to behave with her dog.

Happy Mother's Day to my super amazing, strong, lovable mom ❤️

Un post condiviso da SD Team from Dallas, TX ☀️ (@theadventuresofflynn) in data:

"My dog is my life insurance, regardless of whether this may be a good thing or not, he helps keep me alive and if he is distracted this can hurt me or even cause me to die. Do not caress or pet service dogs. Do not call them, do not talk to them, do not play with them, and of course, do not make fun of them. Thank you!".

Therefore, no matter how adorable, refrain from petting or caressing a guide dog. Always wait for its owner to give you permission, and be aware and respectful of the dog's very important task.

Share this information, it could save people's lives!

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