Horses run up to a fence --- The reason? It will make you smile! -
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Horses run up to a fence --- The reason?…
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Horses run up to a fence --- The reason? It will make you smile!

July 17, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Pippin is a beautiful miniature stallion who loves to spend his days running up and down the open grass fields and wide trails of North Carolina. 

Pippin has been trained to perfection and to see him move so gracefully on his little hoofs is magnificent.

Pippin does not mind at all stopping by to say hello to his fellow equine friends as he travels up and down the countryside making new friends. 

Aren't you curious to meet and get to know this unique animal, a miniature horse that is less than 80 cm (2′7″) tall?!  Pippin is such a handsome horse!

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