The Woven Updo! A new and stunning updo hairstyle for long hair! -
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The Woven Updo! A new and stunning updo…
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The Woven Updo! A new and stunning updo hairstyle for long hair!

January 23, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

Here is an easy tutorial to help you learn how to create a hairstyle that is incredibly refined and elegant  -- by using just your hands --- resulting in a truly professional-looking hairdo! It may seem complicated at first but it is really only a matter of practice and most of all ... it is definitely worth making the effort! You will be glad you did! 

First, divide the hair into two equal parts, and then further divide each part into two portions, leaving, however, a larger amount of hair on the outer portions. Proceed then as shown in the video. The result will be -- the Woven Updo! A new and fabulous-looking hairstyle!

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