At first glance it looks like a river…
It's a normal stroller, but when pushed against a wall you'll understand why it's so UNIQUE! They are eating at a campsite, but SOMEONE joins them and leaves them speechless

At first glance it looks like a river full of fish, but the truth is quite different!

August 18, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
This natural show occurs each winter in New Zealand, and the main characters are baby seals. While parents are at sea in search of food the babies, who are fed approximately every two days, spend time playing in this paradise of waterfalls and vegetation. Not a bad daycare!

These are baby seals just north of Kaikoura on the South Island of New Zealand at the Ohau Point Seal Colony. Every winter the babies swim up a river and spend the day playing in a waterfall. They only need to feed every two days, so they just hang out and play while their mums and dads hunt. Video:  Paul Boocock/ The Factory http://on.fb.me/1CPr6v0

Posted by news.com.au on Giovedì 2 luglio 2015

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