Altruistic and a little moody, those born under the sign of Cancer know how to make their life unpredictable -
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Altruistic and a little moody, those…
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Altruistic and a little moody, those born under the sign of Cancer know how to make their life unpredictable

By Alison Forde

Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer (June 22 - July 22) all have a distinctive feature that makes them practically recognizable to everyone: they are affectionate, empathetic but at the same time very moody. The fact that they are extremely perceptive to other people's feelings makes them much more vulnerable to betrayals, mind games and hypocrisy. Those born under the sign of Cancer seem almost to be "destined" to be disappointed by people compared to other zodiac signs.

image: Needpix

 Here are some of the main features of this incredible zodiac sign from the summer season:

They have a sense of humor: they take everything very much to heart, but they also know how to see the irony in the most dramatic situations; this does not mean that for them there are no serious or important things, but to play things down sometimes is the best thing to do to make the smile come back.

They are born dreamers: those born under this sign always have dreams in the drawer to be realized, and nobody can ever hinder their goals.

They are loving: love for their partner, family, friends, home: the dearest affections come first of all for Cancer!

They know how to be welcoming: hospitable and always open to welcoming friends, relatives and acquaintances, they just can't be alone.


image: Pixabay

 They are a little moody: yes, those born under the sign of Cancer are rather moody and changeable; they can change their mood at any moment, but this makes them absolutely surprising and sometimes unpredictable!

They know how to be generous: there is nothing to be done. Cancers are absolutely generous and altruistic people; the hand that tends to those who need it most will always be open, you can count on it.

Finally, they are very creative people: from clothing to attention to the details of the house to the passion for every type of art, those born under this extraordinary zodiac sign are very artistic and creative in everything they do and pursue.

If you too were born under this lucky sign, do you recognize yourself in these characteristics?

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