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Pisces are shy but at the same time…
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Pisces are shy but at the same time they "march to a different drummer" and are a continuous discovery


Among their many merits and as many "defects", those born under the sign of Pisces (20 February - 20 March) are the people most happiest with their own contradictory nature that you will ever meet in your life.

They are sensitive but at the same time extroverted and playful yet timid! But, nevertheless, Pisces people live their internal contradictions with joy and passion.

Therefore, you can believe it when we say that to meet and get to know a person born in this sign of the zodiac is one of the biggest fortunes you can ever have!

  • They are melodramatic and creative: Whenever there is an air of stifling conformism, Pisces runs away! You will never be able to force them to remain caged within the mundane interpretations of things.
  • Not very competitive: If you know a Pisces, then you know that with them the game is already won. Unpretentious in life, it does not take them long to put themselves in your shoes and favor you even in the most competitive contexts. For them, success is not an end in itself.
  • They know how to be very irreverent: Do not talk about being grave and serious with a Pisces! In everyday life they know how to be extremely irreverent, self-ironic, and very playful. This is why they are considered to be perfect friends.
  • They are empathetic: As we said before, it will not take them long to put themselves in your shoes and reach out their hand if you need it ...
  • They are a little restless: When their life becomes apparently quiet and calm, they know how to shake things up and are always constantly seeking new stimuli. They are true unrepentent dreamers.
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  • They are loyal friends: Never betray the trust and friendship of those born under this zodiac sign: dishonesty towards them could result in their definitive departure from your life.
  • They are a little disorderly: They are practically allergic to any type of order and precision. But this certainly does not mean that they do not know how to respect the important occasions and deadlines in their life.
  • They are very shy: When you meet a Pisces for the first time, they will seem shy and not particularly friendly, but it is only an outer appearance, inside there is a real treasure to discover.
  • They are people with an artistic nature: They love art, nature, and all that is beautiful in the world.
  • They are passionate and intense people: When a Pisces loves another person, they do not hesitate to give unconditionally of themselves and to demonstrate their feelings!

Whoever finds a Pisces friend...finds a real treasure!

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