Parents, in order to properly educate their children, must also be able to say NO! -
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Parents, in order to properly educate…
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Parents, in order to properly educate their children, must also be able to say NO!


Whims, crying, and screaming are an integral part of being a child, indeed, we could say when these things happen, that they are just "being children".

However, as parents, you cannot always go along with all their requests.

Furthermore, believing that saying "yes" is a useful strategy to keep your children calm and satisfied --- is absolutely an illusion.

Rather, it has the opposite effect, because your children will start to believe that they have the power to get anything they want.

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Today, mothers and fathers are almost terrified of upsetting their children and consequently, end up giving in to their children every time.

Agreeing to every desire is a dangerous shortcut, which is usually adopted by those who have no desire or time to spend with their children or to make them understand the value of politeness and good manners.

Instead of reserving and organizing quality time with and for them, most parents, keep their children engaged in a myriad of activities.

It is almost as if each family competes with each other to see how many activities their respective children are able to do every week!

However, childhood and adolescence are the years in which one must also discover boredom and doing nothing --- just simply devoting oneself to games and playing.

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However, to change the rules and get better results, you need to learn how to interact with your children and to do it at the right time. For example, it is needless to try to explain your reasons when your child is full of anger, it is better to wait for the waters to calm down! 

By quietly discussing the situation, your child can be made to understand that these attitudes and behaviors are wrong and that continuing to have them means eventually finding oneself alone without anybody who wants to play or spend time with them.

Good communication is also a question of attitude and perspective; scolding a child by telling him or her that they are bad, is counterproductive because the problem is not them per se, but only their bad behavior.

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Any expression, verbal or physical, is a means of manifesting an emotional state; it is a natural and necessary action.

However, what is needed is to channel these sensations and emotions in the right way, showing children that there are other ways to express oneself, besides crying and shouting. 

A great way to teach children to be more disciplined is to entrust them with household chores, which will make them feel useful and teach them to be responsible. In any case, we must never forget not to demand too much from them because, in the end, they are still only children.

Furthermore, it is good to remember that every moment of serious confrontation must then later be balanced with spaces and moments dedicated to playing and relaxation. Moreover, you need to give your child time to process everything in their own way!


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