Be careful! Your happiness can really…
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Be careful! Your happiness can really bother unhappy people ...

July 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Serenity is a more or less prolonged tranquil mental condition, happiness is instead made of moments, linked to particularly positive episodes and situations.

Sometimes it may happen that you want to share these brief states of grace with someone, but only to receive in return a lukewarm enthusiasm or absolute indifference.

When this happens, it is very likely that you are in the presence of an unhappy person or people, who are basically annoyed by any manifestation of joy.

Negative people perceive the happiness of others as a real discomfort because they basically envy anyone who feels happy. Knowing that others can or are able to enjoy life while they are "condemned" to sadness and dissatisfaction makes them feel even more unhappy.

Every happy and positive person irritates those who are depressed because they remind them of their miserable condition. Namely, that of living a state of existence that is very distant and disconnected from the desired condition of true physical and mental well-being.

However, there is a kind of "healthy" envy, that is an emotional mechanism that makes you want to reach the same goal as others and that stimulates self-improvement. Indeed, it can be a constructive and motivational feeling, which helps us to grow and encourages us to put even more effort into achieving a goal. 

Instead "destructive" envy only brings out the perverse desire that others lose their happiness. In this sense, negative people try to dismantle or diminish someone else's success, or they respond to it with absolute disinterest.

This disparaging attitude is adopted by envious people to drag others down into their own condition of negativity so that we can immediately feel "normal" again.

Then there are those who even experience the happiness of others as a real affliction, responding with anger and grumpiness! It is almost as if they feel that the joy or happiness expressed has been somehow stolen or unfairly acquired and is, therefore, illegitimate.

Being angry with those who are happy, desiring their ruin or trying in every way to reduce their joy is by no means the way to behave.

All these negative reactions do nothing but fuel one's own condition of unhappiness, attracting more darkness and dissatisfaction to one's life.

Everyone experiences moments of negativity and feeling out of sync with those individuals who at that moment are shining with their own splendid light.

In any case, the only way to get out of the tunnel is to roll up our sleeves and try to change what is wrong with our own life.

The trick is precisely to stop experiencing the victories of others as if these were our own personal defeats, start paying less attention to what is happening to others and concentrate more on our own life path.

By constantly adopting this attitude, happiness will not be long in coming!

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