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We are no longer able to love people,…
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We are no longer able to love people, we use them as objects --- Welcome to the era of "relational consumerism"


Once things were not thrown away, they were fixed, but today we buy something, use it, and throw it away.

We surround ourselves with what we do not need and give away what could still be useful, we buy a lot, and we waste too much.

This model of behavior is, unfortunately, also conditioning and polluting the sphere of social relations and creating futile and superficial interactions.

Personal attachments and emotions are becoming objects and the era of "relational consumerism" has now been officially inaugurated.

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It is difficult to explain because it is complex and therefore, not easy to understand the reason for all this.

There is not a single factor towards which to point a finger, there is no villain to blame, it is a complex combination of elements that over time have led individuals to transform themselves into what they are today.

Is it the fault of social media networks? Of the fast and unstoppable dynamics of digital technology? Of course, these instruments have made their contribution, but in the end, it is always a question of "instruments". Any invention can have an impact on reality based on the use that is made of it.  

Perhaps in some individuals, the seed of relational consumerism has always existed and the new evolved technological resources have only allowed it to bloom and come to light. However, it is a fact that it is increasingly difficult to be able to develop solid friendships or important love relationships, which cannot be interchanged or replaced with "newer models".

Some attribute this tendency to a general feeling of insecurity that has been created by a prevalent perception of a past with fragile roots and an increasingly dark and nebulous future. In the absence of certainty, why bother trying to build something lasting? Especially, since everything is destined to fade from one moment to the next.

One of the worst side effects of relational consumerism is emotional and affectional immaturity. In fact, the fear of suffering, of wasting time and energy, makes one escape as soon as even the smallest difficulty appears. This prevents individuals from having even the most fundamental relational experiences.
In fact, in order to grow and mature, one must also go through crises, conflicts, and disappointments, do some serious introspection, learn how to manage one's feelings and also to forgive oneself and others.
In such a society, riddled with relational consumerism, there is no longer any real exchange or enrichment between people, with the result that we are all more egocentric, intolerant, childish, and in short, worse. The solution could be to consume less and live more of a life that is a little poorer in objects but richer in affections.
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