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If you want to raise your children without…
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If you want to raise your children without regrets, do not make these 10 very common mistakes


Being a mother or a father means experiencing great joys but also great responsibilities. Every family is a small world unto itself in which parents must decide how to best to raise their children.

The variables and possibilities are so many that it is sometimes difficult to think of being able to give precise indications because everyone follows their particular path that represents their own marvelous uniqueness.

Nevertheless, here below, we have collected some suggestions to help avoid the most common mistakes, in what can be considered the most difficult and beautiful job in the world.

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Try to be happy. Sometimes everyday life, duties, and concerns transform life into a monotonous routine without particular peaks of joy. For a child, it is essential to grow up with a wealth of experiences and happy moments to remember; therefore, create opportunities to have fun all together. 

Listen to the advice but choose what you think is best. In life, there are always those who are ready to give advice on everything, even on how to raise your children. You do well to listen to the suggestions of others but remember to make your own decisions, because only you really know what is best for your children. 

Discover hidden talents. It is not necessarily that there is a talent in particular, but stimulating children with games and creative pastimes will certainly not hurt. Drawing, coloring, reading or making small sculptures with play dough are excellent ways to bring out unexpected abilities. If then, a predisposition for art or music is discovered, it is your duty to help your child develop their talents. 

Discipline yes but without obsessions. Every child is different from the others and not everyone can be educated in the same way. Of course, it is not healthy to always be permissive but also to be too severe. Discipline should be done in moderation. It is good to reprimand a child when the situation requires it and perhaps, also to recognize the meritable behavior with small prizes.

Do not be stingy with hugs. Physical contact is fundamental to the health of a child and it serves to give your child protection, confidence, and simply love. In fact, several studies have been done that prove the beneficial effects of hugs. Remember that one day your kids will grow up and react to your hugs by slipping away like eels, so enjoy hugging them as long as you can. 

Take photos and make as many videos as you can. Nowadays, maybe this is no longer a problem considering the number of movies and photographs that are produced every day with smartphones. In any case, it is always nice to capture memories of precious and unrepeatable moments, like their first steps, first birthday, and many others. These videos and photos will be opportunities to relive those moments again and to share them together in the future with your adult children. 

Enjoy every moment because you will never get them back. We often see parents taking their children for a walk with their noses glued to their smartphones, or maybe they stay with them at home all day but they are distracted by something else. Enjoy the time you spend with your children because they grow up fast, and one day you may realize that they have become adults and that you have lost all those moments.

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Discuss and explain your decisions. Too often children's opinions are not considered because parents assume that they are too small to understand or to really even have one. The best thing is to let them participate in small and big decisions by helping them to understand things. In this way, your children will grow more aware, and they will understand the difference between a motivated desire and a simple whim. 

Be present when it counts. Losing a birthday, a school play, a game or a dance recital may seem like a trivial thing, but for your children, it might really be important. Therefore, try to be present as much as possible in the life of your children and in the moments that count. In time, you certainly will not regret having missed a business meeting to see your child score their first goal.

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