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Highly sensitive people have these 4…
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Highly sensitive people have these 4 superpowers


There are some people in the world who always care about making others feel good and they are capable of changing their mood a thousand times a day, depending on what is happening. This is because their surrounding environment has a strong influence on them.

In psychology, they are called highly sensitive people because they let themselves be at the mercy of external forces, and they also have the ability to perceive what would pass by others unnoticed.

Highly sensitive people are very valuable people: they have a unique sensitivity and compassion that, together with four other "superpowers", determine their rarity in the world.

Highly sensitive people experience emotions and sensations unknown to others; and they feel many different ones with strong intensity. Although these people often go through moments of fragility and must constantly try not to become too unbalanced by these external forces, they possess "superpowers", that are gifts that make them unique and special. Here are what these powers are: 

  • 1. The power of introspection: Highly sensitive people have a very deep capacity for introspection. This allows them to be strong in moments of weakness, for example when there is a painful situation to overcome. They are people who know themselves very well and for this reason, they are able to successfully manage even the most difficult situations. 
  • 2. The power of a generous heart: These people have a strong sensibility towards all aspects of life: people, nature, and animals. This leads them to have a profound respect for human relationships and to develop kindness and compassion that distinguishes them from the crowd.
  • 3. The power of dreams: Thanks to their extreme sensitivity, they manage to also dialogue with their deeper states of consciousness. This leads them to experience particularly vivid and real dreams, which often influence their moods during wakefulness. Sleeping and resting, particularly their nocturnal rest, is very important for a highly sensitive person because at that time they can find peace and relaxation. 
  • 4. The power of exploring the unfamiliar: Highly sensitive people often appreciate things to which other people are largely indifferent. They listen to unpopular music, read outdated books or those known by only a few. They have a charming, rich, and unusual personality that is very difficult to ignore. 

However, unfortunately, all these "powers" can also turn against them. In fact, being extremely sensitive to internal and external stimuli can be a burden that can cause physical and mental exhaustion as well as melancholy; causing one to feel emotionally unstable and unable to control one's own existence. 

Often highly sensitive people find it difficult to relate to others because by caring excessively for them, they alter the naturalness of their relationships. In addition, they do not have a well-organized life, because they often pursue dreams and lose sight of reality. 

For highly sensitive people, life is a continuous effort to build a shield that can defend them from external influences, while trying to maintain that sensitivity and kindness that they are proud of.

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