One of the most famous psychologists in the world reveals 22 rules to improve the quality of your life

Shirley Marie Bradby

January 11, 2019

One of the most famous psychologists in the world reveals 22 rules to improve the quality of your life

Each of us spends most of our lives trying to make our dreams come true.

Whether it's the finding the ideal job, maintaining a love relationship, creating a family or buying a house, to get what you want, you have to work at it seriously. And you also have to follow certain rules - at least according to Dr. Mikhail Litvak. 

World-renowned Russian psychologist and psychotherapist, Litvak argues that it is necessary to have a better understanding of ourselves and our reality.

This is extremely important since personal and professional happiness and success largely depend on the way in which a person decides to live their life - and especially if they know and follow these 22 rules.


Varis Lokki/wikimedia

  • 1. DO NOT PURSUE HAPPINESS. Happiness is not a material good, but something inside of you. It is, therefore, necessary to develop one's own abilities and reflect on the goals achieved. 
  • 2. DO NOT DEPEND ON THE POSITIVE JUDGMENT OF OTHERS. It is important that you are satisfied with yourself and be confident about your own qualities. 
  • 3. DO NOT ASK FOR PERMISSION OR APPROVAL FROM OTHERS. If you want something, take action to get it. Do not wait to have the consent or approval of others. 
  • 4. BE A MATURE PERSON. Use your knowledge to achieve your goals, without wasting time criticizing or blaming others. 
  • 5. PLAN AND PRIORITIZE YOUR ACTIONS. In this way, you will reach your goals more effectively.

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  • 6. NO ONE SHOULD BE EXCLUDED. In the race for personal fulfillment, some advance faster than others, but none must be excluded and everyone has the right to work toward their goals and be happy, and that includes you. 
  • 7. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SATISFY EVERYONE. We cannot please everyone. And the attempt to do so will only make you exhausted emotionally and physically, and unhappy with yourself. 
  • 8. DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM THOSE WHO HELP YOU ONLY FOR THEIR OWN GAIN. If someone has done you a favor and then tries to make you feel ungrateful or guilty, thank him or her, pay your debt, and keep them out of your life. 
  • 9. SEARCHING FOR HAPPINESS ENCOURAGES ENVY. Someone without dreams or who has not made their own dreams come true may start talking badly about you due to envy --- ignore them. 
  • 10. DO NOT REPRESS UNPLEASANT FEELINGS. Even the most depressing moods can help you explore the depth of your soul and help you get to know yourself better. And in this way, you will understand better what you want and how to achieve it.

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  • 11. TALK TO YOUR ENEMIES. In this way, you will become aware of the faults and bad habits that you cannot see in yourself. 
  • 12. FANTASIZE ABOUT REALISTIC DREAMS. Keep your feet on the ground or you will lose enthusiasm and concentration --- and you will become frustrated. 
  • 13. DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH SUPERFICIAL PEOPLE. You will only waste your time. It is better to read a good book. 
  • 14. DO NOT TAKE A DEEP INTEREST IN THE LIFE OF OTHERS. Focus on something more constructive, like science or philosophy. 
  • 15. YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY IS YOURSELF. The sooner you are aware of this, the easier it will be for you to overcome the obstacles on your life path.
  • 16. DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE WHO DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU. When you have achieved your goals, the criticism of others will no longer have any value for you.


  • 17. BE READY TO GROW PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. Accept change: it is essential to achieve happiness. 
  • 18. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK WITH OTHERS. Especially if they are strangers. By doing this, you can enrich your knowledge and they will think positively about you.
  • 19. SOLITUDE IS NOT NEGATIVE. Sometimes, it is essential to be alone for a while so that you can grow emotionally and spiritually.
  • 20. THERE IS NO MALE AND A FEMALE LOGIC. What exists is the ability to be wise and to think correctly. 
  • 21. SHARE HAPPINESS. This is the only way to increase it. 
  • 22. LIVE FOR YOURSELF. You do not have to prove anything to anyone but yourself.