Stubborn children as adults could have a better chance at success than others -
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Stubborn children as adults could have…
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Stubborn children as adults could have a better chance at success than others


Educating someone is a tremendously complicated task with no guarantee of results, despite the existence of a vast amount of pedagogical literature on the subject. 

Often, even the joint efforts of family, school, and social environment are not enough to achieve the desired results. Could this actually be the problem, namely, to consider only some of our behaviors as socially desirable? Certainly, in one situation, it could be, according to behavioral scientists.

In fact, the child who with their stubbornness often manages to get their way seems destined to become a very successful adult.

Often, especially in the past, parents tended to adopt a very strict and severe type of education, in order to eliminate at the roots any attitude of disobedience, worried that this could make their children future criminals, or, in the lesser cases, individuals living on the margins of society. Even in the old days, however, there have always been stubborn children - and there always will be - fortunately

To affirm this is a study conducted by the Welferdange Institute of Pedagogy, in Luxembourg. This study started in 1968 and ended in 2008, and the researchers studied 700 children between 8 and 12 years old up to the age of 40, in order to evaluate how stubborn children would turn out when they became adults. 

Contrary to general beliefs, those who were more stubborn turned out to be very successful adults - rising to the top in their professions, self-confident, and able to achieve high social positions.

Therefore, even if it is true that children need clear and well-defined rules and limits, do not worry if your child shows stubbornness at home. As long as your child does not become excessively stubborn, you can rest easy, while waiting to be shown their talents for success, so please be patient.


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