How to stop absorbing negative energies from the people around you -
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How to stop absorbing negative energies…
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How to stop absorbing negative energies from the people around you


Very often we call a person "empathic" but do we really know the meaning of this term? Empathy refers to the ability not only to recognize the state of mind of another person but also to empathize with them and perceive their joy and suffering.

Actually, empathy can be viewed as an exchange of energy. In fact, empathic people absorb the energies of those surrounding them both positive or negative.

This is a serious problem for an empathic person, who can become emotionally distressed, without the possibility of expelling these energies. Defending oneself from these waves of empathic energy is necessary for mental, physical, and spiritual survival.

If you think you are an empathic person, and you are particularly sensitive to the states of mind of others, then here is how you can feel less influenced by these energies, while remaining a reliable person who is always willing to give advice.


You are the only one responsible for your feelings. 

First of all, you must understand that only you have the power to change your mood. Of course, external factors can affect you negatively or positively, but you decide the extent to which they should concern you. Once you understand the power you have over yourself, you can free yourself from the influence of others. When you are sure of what you are and how you want to feel, it will be more difficult for someone else to change your state of mind. Avoid people who constantly depress you with their negative energy, just for the pleasure of doing it! You have to love yourself and be able to say "no" to everything that hurts you. 

Steer clear of "emotional vampires". 

Have you ever heard of emotional vampires? These are people who take advantage of your affection, your sensitivity, your availability, and your ability to always give good advice. In fact, they find no benefits in your efforts to make them feel better because they only find pleasure in pouring negative energy onto another person. Of course, you can offer support and a shoulder to cry on to a friend or a loved one, but be careful when everything that you do or say does not change anything for the better and your availability never seems to be enough. It is not your job to help other people, especially when these same people do not cooperate in finding a solution.


Understand when to say "no". 

Being generous is undoubtedly a noble characteristic of some people, but there is a fine line that separates generosity and becoming a complete servant of others. Always remember to demand respect from everyone, especially when you have previously made yourself available to a person. You decide who can enter into your life and even if sometimes it happens that someone sneaks in without your consent, you still have the power to expel them. Being always available to another person is never positive, even more so when you lose yourself and your energy. 

Do not be afraid of not pleasing people. 

Often empathic people experience the fear of not being accepted by others. For this reason, they are always servile and available. You must understand, however, that you will never be able to please everyone and that it is useless to suffer when you discover you cannot make a person change. Do not be empathetic to those who do not appreciate you and only take advantage of you when they need something! It is time for you to surround yourself only with people who admire you for what you are.


Return to Nature


If you feel suffocated by all the problems of other people and feel the need to take a breath of air to focus on yourself, what you may need is simply to immerse yourself in a natural environment! Taking a walk in a forest or on a beach will fill your lungs with fresh air and give you the strength to put things into perspective. Take refuge in a quiet place, without anyone, for once just be alone with your thoughts. Absorb all the energies that the wind, the trees, the sun, and the water can give you and start giving the right priority back to yourself.

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