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A silly cat tries to attack Trump! Hilarious!
Remember --- a puppy dog is not a stuffed toy! Croissants stuffed with salmon and bechamel! Wow!

A silly cat tries to attack Trump! Hilarious!

March 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The White House candidates for the presidency of the United States challenged each other with the help of biased mainstream media narratives broadcast 24/7 about the scandals and flaws of their private life or career, while the policy of each one becomes less and less obvious due to fake news!

In any case, the American people, as well as the whole world, seemed to be sharply divided between the two "pretenders", to the highest office in the land, Republican Donald J. Trump and the Democratic Hilary Clinton!

This video is just an example of how strongly people and perhaps even their pets felt about the election!  ;)

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