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While repairing a pipe underwater, this man lives an unforgettable experience

A man is busy working on the maintenance of some pipes underwater when a large sea turtle approaches who seems to enjoy the company and playing with the 2 men.

The trapped turtle thanks his rescuer !

The oceans are literally full of waste that floats from continent to continent, and turtles are among the species on which this pollution is seriously hampering. Fortunately, as in the case, some animals…

A turtle gets stuck: what his friend does is AMAZING

It's emotional to watch an animal rescue, especially when the animals themselves help each other. Here's the example of a turtle who's in trouble stuck on a stone that prevents him to put his feet on…

Have you ever seen a dog getting a lift in town by a turtle ?

This dog has found the best way not to waste energy and took a ride into town by his friend who barely seems to feel its weight.
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A turtle this big can be frightening, but look at his behavior ...

Although in general we are accustomed to think of turtles as very peaceful animals(and, above all, herbivores), being in front of a specimen of 250 kg can seem daunting. This is infact the weight that…

A giant tortoise is trapped in a deadly noose, but two men take action to save him!

When a police officer from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) in Jacksonville, Florida and his colleague go out for a routine patrol in their boat, they notice a giant turtle floating nearby. Within…

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