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At 10 years of age, she receives a tortoise as a gift and 56 years later they are still inseparable

Whoever owns one or more pets, knows very well that pets become full family members. In fact, pet owners know their pet's character, their daily habits, and take care of them every day, knowing they can…

Some tourists film a turtle as it returns to the sea and its dimensions are impressive!

Today I was lucky to see a giant sea turtle alive in person ... We would like to be able to say something like that to our friends, but, alas, we can only content ourselves by watching these video images. …

He repairs the shell of a tortoise with fiberglass and frees it and after a few years, he sees it again -- still in perfect health

Each job involves a certain amount of routine that in some cases can lead to a loss of passion for the work you do. However, occasionally, something happens that gives us such a great deal of satisfaction…

See how modern technology saved this turtle!

For a turtle, a shell is not only part of its body, it is also protection, a shield that protects it from predators and in general from the outside world. This female turtle whose name is Freddy had…

A giant tortoise is trapped in a deadly noose, but two men take action to save him!

When a police officer from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) in Jacksonville, Florida and his colleague go out for a routine patrol in their boat, they notice a giant turtle floating nearby. Within…

A turtle this big can be frightening, but look at his behavior ...

Although in general we are accustomed to think of turtles as very peaceful animals(and, above all, herbivores), being in front of a specimen of 250 kg can seem daunting. This is infact the weight that…

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