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A monkey, two tigers and a wolf: here's the most spectacular "fight" you've ever seen!

Among the cute videos from the web, those in which different animals seem to build unexpectedly deep relationships, can't be left out. This is the case of this video, in which a monkey, two tigers and…

Motorists on a highway witness a UNREAL scene . . .

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) luxury is shown not only by owning sports cars with powerful engines or gold wrist watches! Now owning and keeping wild animals in chains, as if they were pets, it is…

The dog runs up to the tigers, but the big cats react like you'd ever expect !

When two animals are raised together from birth, their bond becomes inseparable, even when it comes to a dog and a tiger. In this protected oasis in Slovakia, shepherds dogs and Siberian tigers share…
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Every day this orangutan comes down from the trees for a SPECIAL reason

This video was filmed at the Myrtle Beach Society in Cincinnati, starring an orangutan and some tireless tiger cubs. The primate, who normally would spend 90% of the day on the trees, usually comes down…
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A tiger is freed after years in a cage --- his first contact with grass is touching!

Nowadays, there are still many wild animals living trapped behind the bars of a cage, and in the worst cases forced to perform pathetic tricks to entertain the public.  Many of them have never known…

A rare Sumatran tiger gives birth . . . But the surprises are not over!

A hidden camera in the ZSL London Zoo's "Tiger Territory" enclosure, films a rare Sumatran tiger, a member of one of the species most at risk of extinction, with only about 300 specimens in the wild.…

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